Social Alchemist

4:50pm – 5:20pm

Participatory Communities

Known as a social alchemist, Bear Kittay is a community builder, experience designer, and change strategist with expertise in the tech, real estate, nonprofit, political and entertainment industries. He co-founded, Skrapps, Music for Democracy, and led the acquisition of Fly Ranch, a year-round home for Burning Man. He has given talks around the world at a variety of conferences, festivals, and TED events. A veteran fundraiser specializing in unorthodox ventures mostly in angel capital and donations.

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Envisioning Participatory Communities

Nomadic and emergent cultures as well as festivals are disrupting hospitality. Each day brings more disruptors, such as The Fly Ranch Project, Bohemian Grove in Northern California, and on. Burning Man was the physical manifestation of the Internet. Here we had a city with no money and people just creating. People leave thinking, “How can I make the world more like this?” This type of thinking gives birth to the emergent age, which can be defined as Participatory, where people belong and contribute to the conditions that allow the end product to exist; Decentralized; Mythic in the spirit of Joseph Campbell; Integral in a way that embraces multiple and diverse perspectives; Experiential; Exponential; and Evolutionary.

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