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2:50pm – 3:30pm

Group Think

James O’Reilly is co-founder of NeueHouse, the world’s first private work collective for creative entrepreneurs in which one’s place of business is also an environment for learning, inspiration, collaboration, hospitality, and vibrant cultural programming. Before founding NeueHouse, James was Entrepreneur-In-Residence at Coriolis Ventures, an early stage venture fund. After completing his M.B.A. from the Universitat Pompeu Fabra Barcelona in 2007, James joined Tungsten Partners in New York as an associate analyst, primarily focused on the expansion of the Ace Hotel Group. James was also responsible for the curation of the much-acclaimed retail environment at Ace New York; he originated strategic partnerships for the Ace Hotel brand; and he advised many creative brands and agencies on their real estate strategies. For Arena*, O’Reilly will discuss the benefits that stem from uniting creatives in a community environment.

panel Recap

Engaging Communities through Content & Culture

The workplace can be much more than just a desk and chair. NeueHouse is a place visitors don’t want to leave. It is not an office, a home, a club… it’s all those things and more. NeueHouse brings people together organically. It lays spaces out in a way that promotes conversation. It has someone in-house called a social architect who understands that people have shared personal interests, even more than commercial interests. Unique experiences and environments create energy. At NeueHouse, a co-working space is far down the list of what we are after. It never even mentions bandwidth or ergonomic chairs, but instead shared experiences and interesting conversations. NeueHouse invites nonmembers to come to cultural events, thus involving the local community. It’s about shared values, not age—you don’t hear the word “millennial.” Instead, you hear people say, “I have a family.”

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