Claus Sendlinger

CEO & Founder

Design Hotels™

9.30am – 10:00am

A Visionary Mind

Claus Sendlinger began his career in the travel industry in 1987 with the founding of an agency specializing in sports and music events. Four years later he began Travel Trends, a tour organizer for high-end, authentic travel experiences. In 1993, Sendlinger established Design Hotels Inc. in California. It began as a small hotel cooperation with 10 iconic members and focused on communication strategies that went far beyond traditional tourism marketing. In 2003, the company was renamed Design Hotels AG and the following year moved to Berlin. In November 2012, Sendlinger was honored at the European Hotel Design Awards for outstanding contributions to the industry. In 2013 Design Hotels™ received AHGZ’s Special Award, a highly esteemed prize from one of Germany’s top hospitality publications.

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Shifting Paradigms

Through meaningful brands, Original Experiences, collaborative opportunities with our member hotels, and the use of content and culture to build loyalty, Design Hotels™ is constantly exploring ongoing strategies for qualitative growth and consumer engagement. Today, vital new hospitality concepts exist that can be adapted by hotels, enabling them to offer unique guest experiences, from interactive events with local businesses to the hotel serving as a gathering place for local creatives and beyond. New disruptors in hospitality are changing the very nature of the industry and include such upstarts as Roam, SecondHouse, WeLive, and many others. Each was built with a collaborative spirit at heart and demonstrate the type of outside-the-box thinking that established entities can benefit from. But more than just exposing our member hotels to new ideas, Design Hotels™ is constantly expanding its outreach to the Media, to Travel Trade, and to its Consumer Community in order to promote the individual stories and Original Experiences available at each of our properties.

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