Nira Hotels & Resorts

11:15am – 12:00pm

Going Small

After four decades working for some of the world’s biggest hotel brands, such as Rosewood, Ritz-Carlton, Raffles, Fairmont, and Peninsula, including opening the Setai Hotel in Miami for GHM, Puri struck out on his own in 2008. He knew that in order to deliver the kind of service and attention to detail he wanted, his future would have to lay with smaller, boutique properties. After launching his first Nira-branded hotel in Mauritius and Edinburgh, he opened two additional Nira properties—Nira Alpina, a modern mountain resort in the historic Swiss town of St. Moritz that has helped remake Alpine luxury for a new generation of travelers, and Nira Montana, a rare contemporary gateway to an authentic mountain
experience in Italy’s Aosta Valley.

panel recap

The Design Hotels™ & SPG Collaboration in Action

For us the implementation went very well. The support Design Hotels™ and Starwood provided was remarkable. There are learnings that one needs to acquire to be effective and deliver what SPG members expect as they come from different regions and have different expectations. There’s also a need to educate the guest, to say that they are entering into an individual and artisanal environment. They expect consistency, but bespoke can’t be consistent. Plus, it is important to educate your team so they understand SPG guests and how they will react and why. You need to know how to harness the machine. No point sitting in a Ferrari if you don’t know how to drive it.

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