Eduardo Castillo & Kfir Levy



2:50pm – 3:30pm

A Moveable Feast

Co-founders of Habitas, an international community of likeminded people driven by a desire for human connection, inspiration, and meaningful experiences, Kfir Levy and Eduardo Castillo are visionaries who understand that the powers of creation and expansion are infinitely stronger when done in a group setting. With Habitas, they’ve taken an old concept—a music-themed party—and elevated it to a complete aesthetic and immersive experience. Bringing together a tight-knit coterie of artists and creative professionals in settings that feature such amenities as gourmet meals and pre-built Bedouin-style tents, Habitas creates homes for their members in some of the most inspiring environments in beautiful locations around the world, uniting people who share similar values and curating the very best in health and wellness, food, conversation and music, and hospitality. At this year’s Arena*, Levy and Castillo will expound upon content, music, rituals, and more as it relates to communities and the benefits of shared experiences.

PANEL recap

Engaging Communities through Content & Culture

Eduardo Castillo: Typically Habitas events last the weekend, sunset Friday to Sunday. By the time a person arrives, one already knows that he or she is seeking an alternative experience. Habitas builds these beautiful and inspiring environments and bring in elements like music, wellness, and the culinary. The like-mindedness among those who attend is the driving force of the event. Habitas also has a professional photographer. This encourages people to put away their phones and be present. It’s all about integrity and trust.


Kfir Levy: The Habitas community trusts us with their time. But community has been the byproduct of what Habitas does. Often you hear people substitute the word “community” for “mailing list” and “experience” for “event.” People need what we provide; they are looking for it. Habitas is the facilitator. People show up knowing why they want to be there. A beautiful hotel with great chef is not enough. That doesn’t translate into experience. You need to get people out of their comfort zone, give them an opportunity to open up. People who attend a Habitas event hold onto that experience for a long time.

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